It's that time of the year again. Some of us go alone or with a bunch of clubbrothers, others go with their wife, some even take the kids with. But all of us are riding towards unknown adventures, good times, new or old friends. Vacation time, ah, can't wait! See you on the road.


Fuck what others say. Nothing against Softails! Great lines and still pretty comfy for old fucks like some of us. Hey Gerry, what do you say, is this thing on the photo a good idea for the stock Softail you just bought? Lets do it this winter!


1996, we used to go to Super Rallys a lot. Partied till we dropped, fought with the germans and stole their beer, haha. Can you imagine us looking like this and still whipping people's asses twice our size and age. Those were the days my friends.