Days gone by: Our clubheroe Brass was not the only one crashing his bikes all the times. One day his brother Toon borrowed the Kawa chopper owned by Brass and, yes…crashed it too.


Our friends from the Outsiders in Oregon and Washington have a new website: It is not totally finished but click on the photos banner and than on the in memory banner: check out that awesome in-memory-movie.

Chopperday Almere

Last Sunday we rode to Almere with around 15 bikes. Our chapter overthere had organised their annual chopperday. No sun, but nice and warm temps, lots of visitors, good times!

Good friends

The Vagabonds from Belgium made us part of one of their clubrituals. We had a good time. BarBque, lots of sunrays, beer and booze. The two Vagabonds later continued their trip by visiting the Rogues chapter in Almere. We hope they survived and are now full member of their club.