RMC winterprojects

It is that time of the year again! We will be building several new bikes at the clubhouse. First project will be Limp's longbike. We will de-rake the hardtail frame giving it a whole new stance, maybe  abit like the one on the photo, except that Limp will have another seat and smaller gastank and a Shovel powerplant. And last but not least the style of the evil spirit bike shown above.


This is the happy owner of Nol's last project. Look at the big R on the helmet. Makes me think of something. SPOT THE R! I have seen our support R stickers in the strangest places. If you see one, take a photo and send it to this blog. 

Dutch Trash

Our PMA member Nol finished this cool bike here, and told us three new customers walked in last week and each asked him to build them a complete bike too…. So finally our bro can start making some dollars again.


We visited Yvon in Brest, Bretagne, France. He owns a couple of righteous bikes. In his garage the man is building a great chopper. Will be finished this summer, so he can ride it to our anniversary. Right Yvon? Haha.