Roguesmember Beer owns an authentic Harmon frontend thanx to Danny Franssen. Danny what are you up to lately? The Harmons are the best looking frontends for raked out choppers! They say Harmon invented the 'digger' style bikes!


Friend of the club Robert lives in France. He went to the Vogezen with his buddies from the Hoekse waard. They all ride nice homebuilt bikes. He just finished (well almost) his Frisco lowtail and rode it for the first time that day. Stole the photo from his blog.


Ecke and Beer went to Petrol Circus in Helsinki. They were two of the eight special guests from Holland. Duckman was one of the others. He took a lot of pictures, so if you wanna see what we saw at the show check out this dude's site: www.dbbp.com“””