El Cheapo

Belgian pinstripe artist El Cheapo striped and lettered one of the club's choppers and did a great job. Now in a book about pinstriping.


Duckman, is a Dutch Caddesigner. This is one of the better lookin' choppers he designed. It does not excist in real life! Yet….maybe one of us?


Oldest bikebuilders club in Holland, PB Leeuwarden, are building lots of Bobberstyle bikes these days.


We at the club are gonna make a simple framejig like this one. Photo stolen from the great and inspiring Quad Cam Bastards Blog, check it out! Only Sportsters, but all homebuilt!


On the 4th of April we are organising our 19th choppershow! All bikes on the showfloor are invitation only. We plan to have a lot of different and cool bikes this year. Do you have a nice homebuilt bike? Get in touch!