Breaking the week

Where were we again? Aha… I remembered. You see, with the 28th RMC Choppershow coming up you almost forget to make some time free for more ‘important’ things. We ‘Bikers’ always build up pressure over time and every now and then the pressure must be released from the boiler. It’s like a fire-extinguisher. Sometimes it’s necessary to extinguish a ‘fire’.

Having said that it’s also time for spotting the ‘R’


It’s been a few days since I’ve kept you informed about our clubhouse. I won’t say we’ve reached the final stage yet, but over the years we’ve made so many progress, that’s for sure. I’m inclined to say that, as far as downstairs is to be considered, we’re nearly there.

A few weeks ago Hond found the time to paint the ceiling tiles in a sort of ‘gun powder black’ colour. We’ve had many discussions about it. Leave it a sort of soft white colour or a darker variant. The latter one. And don’t be fooled by the idea that it’s just putting some spray-paint on top of the of the tiles. Hond, luckily, knows the difference!

On the photo above Hond is busy spray-painting the ceiling tiles. The second is a pile of stacked finished tiles.


Saturday two weeks ago they started to put the ceiling tiles into there final position. Immediately the looks changed in our clubhouse. What a difference that makes compared with the blue mesh and electric wire and water tubes etc. We all felt we had reached, sort of, the final stage. And if it wasn’t for all the enthusiast volunteers, members and last but not least, the sponsors, we wouldn’t have come this far. I can’t say it enough and we all can’t thank those enough to have made this result all possible.

The pictures below are from last Saturday. Stud busy putting some into position. The second we see Redneck and Stud admiring the results so far.


Of course it’s always easy to show a very nice or heavy chopped Harley Sportster. But most of the time you’ll buy a rather ‘strait forward’ model Sportster, and after a while you’ll begin to alter it here and there. As always the ‘bucks’ in your wallet determine how far you can or will go with your ‘project’.

With my younger brother Blut it was no different. He bought his Sporty from Cancer, a other clubmember in those days. Cancer on his turn had bought the Sportster in South-Africa, where he and Outlaw, also a clubmember then, had been living for several years. When Cancer came back he brought the Sportster with him. But from day one he had problems with it. So Blut could buy it from Cancer. But now Blut had to deal with it. Now here’s the thing; my younger brother used to be called ‘But’, but he was always broke. As a conscript Military, he didn’t earn any money, he just received an allowance. So, as a sort of practical joke we started to call him ‘Blut’ instead of ‘But’. You see, in Holland the word ‘Blut’ means ‘Broke’ in English.

Schweik, Beer, myself and other members had to help him almost just as much as you take a piss on the toilet or wherever. It was a Monday-morning engine. The oil came out of every corner and starting the damn thing wasn’t for the faint hearted. Thus, to get rid of the problems once and for all, we all agreed on two things. Cancer had sold my brother a pig in a poke and the engine had to be taken apart peace by peace to see where all the shit came from.

At the same time Blut decided to change it in a chopper with a hardtail-frame etc.
The picture you see below was taken a few weeks after he bought it from Cancer. At that time, February 1985, he was ‘still’ pleased to own the Sportster.

The second photo is from August 1985. By that time he was fed up with it and had already began taken parts of the Sportster. It took some effort from many of us, but we managed to turn the tide.


Yes, it’s almost Easter Sunday, the 21st of April and as the Germans would say: “Jetzt geht es los.” And that’s exactly what it is. Then the doors will be opened for all of you, the visitors and bike show participants, to participate in our 28th edition of the RMC Choppershow.

One of our participants, Mario from Belgium, will exhibit this Knucklehead, as well as another Harley during the show.


Back in ‘da’ days Beer and myself often went for a small or large tour over the Dutch roads, even on colder or bad weather days. Here’s a photo from 1986. My younger brother Blut made this picture with my previous photo-camera. Me on the left and my best friend Beer on the right.