Choppershow History – 1997

The show-poster below is from 1997 when we held our 6th RMC Choppershow for the fourth time in ‘De Dars’ in Wervershoof. On the poster we see Ed and his older brother and clubfounder Beer. As most of you know, Ed passed away in 2019. May he rest in peace.

Our 6th show was blessed with very good weather and many people visited ‘De Dars’ that day.

A small article published in ‘Noord-Hollands Dagblad’ n the 27th of March.

The ‘ticket shop’, a old caravan, with the security making sure all goes well.

Visitors all over the place…

Lifting a chopper on to a pick-up truck ain’t that easy as it seems.

The Black Sheep MC Hereveen stand.

The ‘workshop’ corner back in 1997.

We had to do a lot of lifting in the ‘Rogues’ corner to get them all in place.

The ‘Indian’ corner.

Junior and me back in 1997. As some of you might know, Junior, Stephanie and their baby doughter Édy are going through tough times at the monent and we all wish them all the best in the near future. See ink below.

Sneak Preview RMC Choppershow

At our show March 31 we will have a big biker-art-corner. As you can see some of the artists are advertising it. That’s the way to go.

Come and see Bas de Boon’s paintings and talk to him at his booth at our show.

This beautiful Triumph Chop was built by Aad heemskerk and Mark van der Kwaak from the famous DBBP.  Duckman’s Bitching Biker page!

You have to see it up close and you know what?

March 31 it is possible because we have it on our show!

Choppershow History – 1995

Years ago, back in 1993, we came to the conclusion that we needed more space to host our show. In those days we couldn’t use the space we now use to host our choppershows. Because of the Line-Dance frestivals organised during Easter in ‘De Weijver’ in Hoogwoud. Line-dancing was ‘hot’ in the early nineties. Many years later ‘De Weijver’ finally came available.

But as I wrote, back in 1995, that wasn’t an option. So ‘De Dars’ in Wervershoof became the place to be to admire choppers etc.

Below some examples of the second time we held our show there and on the show poster we see our member Brembo on his chopper.

One week from today – 30th RMC Choppershow

It’s the final week for us to make sure all goes well on Sunday the 31st of March during our 30th RMC Choppershow.

Last week we received official approval from our municipal council to allow the show to go ahead. The regulations surrounding the organization of such events, where more than 1000 visitors are expected, is not an easy task.

Anyway, we got it. Now it’s our job to connect the dots.

The only thing we, and actually no one in the world, has any influence over is the weather. We hope that this will be good for all of us, you visitors and us.

So, from my place here; ‘All the best, ride safe and till comming Sunday in Sports centre ‘De Weijver’ in Hoogwoud.

Choppershow History

The second choppershow was in the neighboring village Abbekerk. The building itself had two different spaces and one of them was about 6 feet higher. So we had to improvise to get the bikes to the elivated floor. Man power was needed…

This location turned out to be also far to small for all the visitors. So ‘Het Dorpshuis’ in Abbekerk was a one off to.

A Harley Evo swingarm back in 1993

A swingarm chopper, this years theme.

Again a Harley swingarm chopper

Erica on Marco’s chopper

Another Harley Evo swingarm in 1993

Sportster Monday

Paisano Publications Inc. featured this XLCH Sportster Chopper below in their 24th edition of Easyriders magazine from November 1974. The red color on the engine itself gives/gave it a extra dimension. It might give you some ideas for your next ‘chopper project’. And bear in mind that it’s almost fifty years ago that this neat looking chopper was created.

Two weeks from today – 30th RMC Choppershow

Yes it’s true, two weeks from today Sportscentre ‘De Weijver’ in Hoogwoud will be Chopper centre of Holland for the 30st time. It all started back in 1992 in Blokker with our first RMC Choppershow as a – sort of – try-out and counterpart of the MotorRai where only the mainstream new bikes were shown.

In those years, before we started with our 1st show, CCN Beverwijk already organised choppershows in the summer outside on the main road of the shopping district.

Anyway, now thirtytwo years later we try again to show you chopper enthusiasts what’s going on in this scene. This years theme will be ‘Swingarms’ and our special guest for this year is Dale Arenson as shown above.

We’ll hope to meet you all again oh the 31st of March in the renovated sports hall. Till then.