Sportster Monday

When most of us were still struggling with a bicycle or moped, the chopper scene was already well on it’s way. The movie ‘Easy Rider’, witch came out in 1969, certainly contributed to this effect.

But in the years before that it was already happening, given the number of companies that were already involved with ‘chopper’ parts. I will come back to this shortly with some examples.
Below a example of a Sportster chopper which appeared in the January 1974 issue of Street Chopper. This magazine, from TRM Publications Inc., had their first issue in January 1969. Paisano Publications Inc, had their first issue of Easyriders Magazine in June 1971.

TRM Publication Inc. – Photos by Steve Brackett.


Monday I told you that I have some tattoes. The one on my left arm was made by Ronald Bonkerk from the city Zaandam, instead of Willem van Vliet as my best friend Beer pointed out this morning. There you have it, my memory is starting to fail me. And I just thought I could remeber everything, hahaha…

Sporty Monday – Ninja Warriors

You know how it goes with ninja warriors. They have to pull off the weirdest antics to be victorious and like in this case at our clubhouse to get the job done.

After seven years of construction, the last necessities are now being taken care of by our ‘ninja warriors’. The fascia-boards and barge-boards were finally installed. Fear of heights is not an option with these kinds of jobs. And yes, being able to balance well on narrow planks is also part of your responsibilities.

And Stoker is, as it were, the ‘Shogun’ among the ninja warriors, assisted by Olly, one of the 47 Ronins. And you can bet that this was a sporting activity a few Saturdays ago.

Willem van Vliet Airbrush Art

As I wrote before, Willem van Vliet is now a regular exhibitor at our chopper shows. In all those years, in close consultation with us, he has already delivered many beautiful works of art that are dear to us. In 2020 he presented us his 20th creation.

Also this time during the 29th show he showed himself again at his best. And to give you an impression of what he has made for us, I’ll show you a ‘small’ collage of all his masterpieces made during our RMC Choppershows.

And what Willem can do with his airbrush, his wife can do with leather. She also knows how to create beautiful leather creations. Anyway, enough babbling, here are some more pictures.