Last night we had a party in the clubhouse organised by John and his girlfriend. It was rather busy and everybody was in a good mood. And that’s the thing with parties, you meet old friends and ‘new’ people. And, as often, hear new gossip.

Never mind… it was great to be there. It’s a pitty the RMC Choppershow is not taking place this year during Easter. That’s also a party to meat many old friends and making new ones.

Now something completely different. Below a picture made in April of 2016. It was in our temporary clubhouse. From left to right we see Brass [me], Hond and Fonda. In the back Big Jos and Nacks.

David Mann

This drawing can be found in Easriders Magazine of September 1978. Many bikers put the centerfold of Easyriders magazine on their wall back in da days.

David Mann made most of the centerfolds in the older magazines. I’m still pleased to have them. Not all of them, but many. These Easyriders from before 1976 are a bit hard to get, unfortunately.

Blogfollower Project

This Prostreet bike belongs to one of our blogfollowers, Ray, aka rainman. We first reported about this project in September of 2018. He bought the bike over ten years ago and was building it with second hand parts. Way to go Ray! Build’m and Ride ‘m! If you want your project on the blog too, send your pictures and information to

The photo above was back in 2012 and the photos below are from this year.