In Memory of Blut

What is there to tell. In 1988, on this day, my younger brother Blut died in a car-crash on his way to work. Then it was a Friday and foggy wheater. The driver of the car survived the crash without a scratch. He, the driver that is, received his drivers-licence that week on Monday. My brother had told our mother on Thursday that Friday would be the last day to drive togeher with his colleague. He also said he’d rather ride with his bike to work, then with his colleague, because he considered his ‘driving-style’ way to dangereous.

Well, in fact it was his last day all together, driving or riding. I was still in the hospital in Amsterdam, the AMC, recovering from my bike accident earlier in the summer of 1987.

I can tell you, that day I’d rather swapped my life for his, if only that was possible. But it just isn’t…..

Blut, bro, rest in peace.


Red Rider Cartoon

Back in da days Eayriders Magazine published several types of comic cartoons. One of them was ‘Red Rider and lil Beaver’ by Robinson. The one below is a nice example of it. This one can be found in issue number 10, from December 1972. Yep…. again a long time ago.

But as I stated earlier, then they where less prudish… Hell yeah.