Today Blut would have become fifty-three years of age. We all take a toast on him tonight at the clubhouse and for me, as his older brother, it’s always a bit of a said day over all past years since 1988, the year he died.

The photo above we see him at the pub in our village in May 1986. On the left Annemiek K., Schweik kissing her, Blut and a good friend of us, Pim [Jos P.] This picture is a bit sour to look at. Annemiek, Schweik and Blut are no longer among us. Once again you realize time flies.


Of course this last Saturday it was busy again with lots of activity going on amongst the members and volunteers making our clubhouse more and more complete. Upstairs isolation was being put in the walls to prevent the loss of heat. It also reduces the noise from downstairs coming in. Also electric wires were put into the tubes for distributing current upstairs in the walls and ceiling.

Anyway, downstairs under the stairs Jezus was busy laying a brick wall to finish off the stairway. It gets nicer and nicer each week.

And last but not least……. lots of coffee is being pored out to those who needs another caffeine shot to boost up his energy. The coffee machine in the brand new kitchen is very welcome to do the job!

Jesus busy with the first few bricks puting into place.